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What is Pitch Avatar?

Pitch Avatar by ROI4Presenter is an AI-based platform for making your slides interactive and deliver them in the most effective way to grow the number of leads, demo calls and user’s engagement with your sales, marketing, onboarding, training and other content.


more leads generated


demo calls booked


growth of engagement and response rate


time saved for onboarding

Created to hit your business goals

Sales enablement

Get to know when the prospect is looking through your slides, grow the number of demo calls and deals closed.


Turn your slides into an engaging lead magnet, or place them on your webpage to showcase the product in the best way.


Straighten your outreach efforts on LinkedIn or in emails by sending potential prospects personalised offers.

Corporate learning

Automate and track the effectiveness of onboarding or training courses, localize product presentations and other collateral.


Implemented integrations enable:

  • use of service files hosted on Google Drive, YouTube, presentations in PPTX and PDF formats
  • receiving data  from lead forms and on listener activity from HubSpot and Salesforce
  • generating links for cold and warm outreach directly in Gmail, Outlook or LinkedIn with Chrome Extension
  • automation of a various workflows through Zapier by linking with Slack, SendPulse and a bunch of our tools for your seamless experience.

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Roi4Presenter - You can't work 24/7. Your presentations can | Product Hunt
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