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On the occasion of the release of Pitch Avatar Customer Catcher, we have prepared an overview of some of the most useful theme tools in the Chrome store.

Pitch Avatar Customer Catcher

Let’s begin, certainly, by drawing your attention to our product. What is Pitch Avatar Customer Catcher? It is an extension you can use to create a link to a presentation and set it up without leaving the Gmail interface (also works with Microsoft Outlook and LinkedIn). That is correct, you do not have to leave Gmail for a separate visit to the Pitch Avatar service. After that, an email can be sent inviting a potential client to watch a presentation or webinar recording.

Screenshot of presentation in ROI4Presenter and usage of Customer Catcher Chrome extension

Google Mail Checker

A classic function on your desktop that allows you to see the number of unread messages and go to your inbox with one click.

Google Checker interface

Boomerang for Gmail

A tool proven over the years for delayed sending and resending emails at a pre-specified day and time. It’s a very convenient extension that helps you work more efficiently with your partners and clients living in other time zones and with a different set of days off and holidays. In addition, Boomerang keeps track of whether your emails have been opened and can remind you if they have been answered.

Boomerang for Gmail interface

Outreach Everywhere 

An extension specifically for users of the Outreach analytics service to help you use Gmail more efficiently. The tool allows you to both automatically create leads in Outreach and determine whether the addressee is your potential client. In addition, it allows you  to add recipients to the mailing chain, use various templates, and schedule meetings.

Outreach Everywhere for Gmail interface


A tool for those whose inbox is always full. This extension turns Gmail into a task manager, and the letters themselves into tasks with due dates and priorities. The authors of ActiveInbox claim that it can be used to achieve a zero counter in your Inbox folder.

ActiveInbox interface


With this extension, you can send email marketing campaigns to thousands of email addresses directly from Gmail. In addition, it can be used to merge mail with Google Sheets using columns from spreadsheets to send personal letters. The authors claim that Gmass greatly simplifies the life of small business marketers, but, in fact, large companies also actively use it.

Gmass interface

MailTracker: Free Email Tracker for Gmail

A simple, free email readability tool that doesn’t save whole or partial emails, therefore, it doesn’t require permission to manage mail from Gmail. Nothing extra – just a message telling you when your letter was opened. Plus, you will know whether your email was seenfrom a desktop or a mobile device.

MailTracker interface

WiseStamp Email Signature

An extension for creating convenient and beautiful email signatures. In fact, you get a business card into which you can insert pictures or photos, contacts, links to social networks, etc.

WiseStamp mockup interface


A tool for quickly writing letters using snippets and keyboard shortcuts for template responses and standard phrases.

Briskine interface

HubSpot Sales

An email tracker from one of the leading marketing tool developers, designed specifically for HubSpot CRM users. With it, you can track statistics on sent letters, collect information about recipients from social networks, and create letters with delayed sending. With its help, according to the developers, you can quickly find potential customers and contact them.

HubSpot Sales screenshot

In conclusion, we note that traditional email, which some hotheads predicted would fall under an onslaught from social networks and instant messengers, has been and remains one of the whales on which Internet marketing stands. Therefore, we strongly recommend not neglecting either the capabilities of email itself or its extensions. Including Pitch Avatar for Gmail.


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