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“At the counter” communication is now available for online stores

There is no need to convince anyone that online stores’ role in retail and trade is growing daily. The ability to search, compare, select, and buy products worldwide from home has become so common that some futurologists predict the transformation of offline stores into museums.

However, this is still a long way off, mainly because offline trading offers studying goods and direct communication with the seller, helping to make the right choice.

Usually, a seller of an online store contacts a customer after a preliminary selection is made. Moreover, this often is done after a few hours by a manager who specifies the nuances of payment and delivery.
It’s inconvenient for the buyer, who would not mind helping with the choice, and for the seller, who cannot respond to the client’s interest in a particular product.

Pitch Avatar solves this problem and transfers communication ‘at the counter’ to online stores with a unique feedback system that notifies the seller without delay that someone has started viewing the product presentation. The presenter can immediately inform the client that they are online, ready to connect to the presentation, answer questions, and recommend products at the buyer’s request – shortly, do the job the way the sales assistant should.

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Try new approach to working with product demos and other sales content

Pitch Avatar – a powerful tool that can help you increase the effectiveness of product demos and improve conversion rates. With Pitch Avatar, you can optimize your presentations and other sales content, resulting in more successful deals.

Pitch Avatar allows you to easily upload any type of content – videos, presentations, ads, slideshows of your pictures, and more. This flexibility ensures that you can showcase your products and services in the best possible light, attracting potential customers and driving sales.

Moreover, Pitch Avatar provides instant notifications when your content is viewed or listened to, enabling you to engage with your audience in real-time and generate sales leads immediately.

Each of the Pitch Avatar features is designed to help sellers

Advantage of offline trading in an online store with Pitch Avatar

With our feedback system, communication between customer and seller can begin both at the seller’s initiative and at the client’s request – just like offline.

Realizing that it is difficult to overestimate the value of the moment when a potential client is ready to ask questions, we have provided a “call presenter” button, which allows a visitor to signal that they want to chat with a click.

In this case, the seller will receive a call from a potential buyer. Working with Pitch Avatar, you can contact warm leads immediately and outperform your competitors.


Find out what product the client is interested in at the moment and start communicating immediately, keeping them from cooling down.

Chatting in a 'counter' mode as effectively as in an offline store, finding out client's preferences and suggesting other products

Ask a client to use the data collection form built into the product presentation to use them for mailing in the future.


Implemented integrations enable:

  • use of service files hosted on Google Drive, YouTube, presentations in PPTX and PDF formats
  • receiving data  from lead forms and on listener activity from HubSpot CRM and Salesforce
  • generating links to presentations immediately without leaving your Gmail, Outlook or LinkedIn inbox with the Pitch Avatar Customer Catcher chrome extension
  • automation of a variety of workflows through Zapier (linking Pitch Avatar with Slack, SendPulse and more)

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Frequently Asked Questions

The service works with PDF files, mp4, YouTube videos and content created using most popular constructors (Power Point, Canva, Keynote and others). 

Pitch Avatar is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. You can learn how we use and secure your data in our Privacy Policy

Pitch Avatar has a mobile application for iOS and Android with which your smartphone becomes the control panel for your show. It also receives notifications when the user has started watching the presentation. However, we recommend uploading presentations and setting them up on the web desktop, as it is more convenient)

You can connect Pitch Avatar through HubSpot, Salesforce and Zapier. 

Click to get the HubSpot application and read the instruction.

Click to read about the Salesforce connector. The instruction is stored in Help.

Click to get Zapier integration.

Yes, you can use the free trial plan, but there are limitations compared to paid plans.

Pitch Avatar helps attract and warm up potential customers