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From views to conversions: content that delivers

Turning views into customers with engaging content and AI assistant

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Why it is a perfect choice for marketing professionals?

Pitch Avatar is a advanced platform to optimize your marketing activities. It delivers content efficiently, automates engagement with your audience, and provides complete analytics on each session.

Pitch Avatar allows your audience to easily contact you, schedule meetings or ask questions via chat.

Key features


Make your content interactive by adding voice-overs, comments, or an avatar that will do all the work for you

Lead forms​

Turn content into lead magnets that work 24/7 and bring leads to your CRM


Deliver them to each potencial customer and store them in a one place


You can join a video chat with your contacts or let them schedule an meeting with one button

Instant translation​

Translate your content effortlessly into any language to breaks language barriers

Analytic reports​

Get a detailed report on each session. How much time the listener spent, interactions and more

Content that works

Share in messages, by email or embed engaging presentations and demos directly on the website.

As soon as someone enters the presentation, you’ll receive a notification and can connect for a live chat, or give visitors the option to let you know they want to chat using the “Call Presenter” or “Schedule a Meeting” button.

A happy man chats inside ROI4Presenter mobile application
A ROI4Presenter's lead form example with indicated integrations with Zapier, Hubspot, Salesforce and Gmail

Collect warm leads

Set up a lead form to collect data that can be automatically integrated into your CRM system and a report with information about user activity following the presentation.

All this will help not only in sales and the formation of a client base, but also in your work retaining leads. 

Analyze reach and effectiveness

See who interacted with your content, when and how, how engaging its parts are, and its effectiveness as a whole. 

This information can help you personalize and improve marketing content.

Feedback & Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

The service works with PDF files, mp4, YouTube videos and content created using most popular constructors (Power Point, Canva, Keynote and others). 

Pitch Avatar is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. You can learn how we use and secure your data in our Privacy Policy

Pitch Avatar has a mobile application for iOS and Android with which your smartphone becomes the control panel for your show. It also receives notifications when the user has started watching the presentation. However, we recommend uploading presentations and setting them up on the web desktop, as it is more convenient)

You can connect Pitch Avatar through HubSpot, Salesforce and Zapier. 

Click to get the HubSpot application and read the instruction.

Click to read about the Salesforce connector. The instruction is stored in Help.

Click to get Zapier integration.

Yes, you can use the free trial plan, but there are limitations compared to paid plans.

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