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7-day Trial: how does it work?

A 7-day Free Trial is tailored for you to try the power of Pitch Avatar and to decide whether it works for you before choosing the right paid plan.

This plan allows you within 7 days:

  • to create up to 10 presentations on the platform;
  • to generate up to 50 links
  • to play with script generation and translation by AI;
  • to add voice-overs to your slides in any of   up to 100 languages;
  • to generate avatars’ speech of the length of up to 3 minutes;
  • detailed analytics on each session;
  • Chrome Extension and Mobile app;
  • and to try almost all* the rest of the features that are included in the paid plan.

* Pay attention that the trial plan does not include a voice cloning option and integration with HubSpot SalesForce and Zapier.


What happens when the Trial ends?

The day before and the day when the Trial ends, you will get a reminder in your email that it’s time to decide on a paid plan.

Of course, if you have any doubts about what plan to choose, you may always book a call with our customer success team, who will help you.

On the 8th day after registration, your account will be restricted until a paid plan is activated.


What do we mean by “account restricted”?

You will still be able to access your account, but:

  • you won’t be able to get access to your presentations, including editing or downloading them;
  • all the links generated will be disabled, which means people won’t be able to open them;
  • you will not get access to analytics and the option to download any related files.

Of course, these restrictions will be active until you choose a paid plan. Then, you can work with your content and data on the platform again.


Will you delete my content if I do not activate a paid plan?

We will keep your content saved for 180 days after your Trial ends and then will delete it if you don’t decide to continue with a paid plan with us.

Also, we can delete all your content at your request at any time.

For this and any further questions, please contact us at: support@pitchavatar.com

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